Boxers Organizing Committee Proposal

Professional boxers need a union. Boxers take the physical risks in the ring to put on entertaining events for people watching the sport of boxing.

Labor unions began in professional sports to give athletes a collective voice and fair treatment during and after their careers. Unionized professional sports have only been around for decades, while boxing has been around for centuries without a union for it's athletes. Boxers deserve the rights to collective bargaining, pensions, and other benefits .

A boxers union needs the relationship with a corporate structure. A solid corporate relationship between promoters and boxers will dramatically improve our sport in the same way relationships with team owners, athletes, private commissioners and mediation have helped the other major sports. Dispute resolution will occur within our sport rather than in courtrooms. Unified rules & regulations, honest rankings and undisputed champions will be a requirement for the boxing corporation and it will be to the great satisfaction of the customers. Workouts in affiliated gyms and up to date rankings will be verified by the corporation and accessed by computer logins. The professional corporation of boxing will work hard to maintain a working liaison with combat sport commissions to make sure that federal and state laws are adhered to. The boxing corporation will also work hard to keep track of boxing talent moving up through the Golden Gloves, Olympic trials, and those good old neighborhood club fights. It will make sure that close relationships are maintained with the afore mentioned affiliated gym partners as well as licensed managers and trainers to assure safe, competitive fights from the expected surge of athletes that will come back into our sport.

Fans and public customers, promoters, boxers, referees, managers, trainers, judges, ranking groups, television and sponsors will all benefit from this important evolution of our sport. This analytical restructuring of professional boxing will drive the corporate brand to remind the public once again why boxing is such an exciting and competitive sport.

Paul Johnson